Program structure

  • The programme combines class work and a research project in a curriculum that will be delivered over a period of approximately one year.
  • The delivery will be in four modules. Each module will be approximately of ten weeks’ duration.
  • Participants’ learning in each course will be tested by a combination of exams and assignments. The research project will be evaluated by a committee comprising of a faculty advisor and at least two committee members.
  • Successful completion would require participants to obtain grades in line with AIT’s policies and procedures.

Credit Structure and Module-wise Courses

Credit Structure
9 Courses 27
Research Project 6
Module-wise Courses
Module 1 June - August
Financial Statement and Analysis  
Financial Regulation & Supervision  
Module 2 August - October
Financial Management  
Strategic Management and Leadership  
Module 3 October - January
International Finance  
Information Management and Knowledge Management  
Risk Management  
Module 4 February - May
Growth and Development  
Financial Institutions and Markets in Developing Countries  
Research Project October - April
Defense of Final Research Project April - May

Dates and courses subject to modification. 


Aims and Objectives

The aims of this programme are:

  • To develop knowledge and skills for being professional bankers
  • To develop knowledge of management of business as might be useful to performing the role of a banker
  • To provide a balance of theory, case studies and practical skills that will enhance participants’ personal and professional development

The specific objectives of this programme are to develop in the participants:

  • An ability to understand and evaluate broad trends in banking and assess the impact of such trends on their business;
  • An ability to evaluate and apply management tools and techniques in the context of banking and finance;
  • An ability to integrate diverse body of knowledge into an application in their job through a comprehensive research project


  • The Professional Master's Degree in Banking and Finance will be granted by the Asian Institute of Technology